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Extra-Image: Infiniti

Real Name: Unknown
Occupation: Protector
Identity: Unknown
Legal Status: Unknown
Place of Birth: Los Angeles
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: Washington, D.C.
First Appearance: BRIGADE #2 (1992)
History: In 1992, a mysterious entity called Enigma made a trans-dimensional jump into the West Coast headquarters of G.A.T.E. (Genetic And Technological Engineering) Industries in Los Angeles. Once there, Enigma placed a genetic fusion module into the matrix of an artificial life form being constructed there. An unexpected energy surge injured Enigma, as the female it dubbed Infiniti emerged from the matrix following the genetic reorganization the module had successfully completed. A fire had erupted during Infiniti's awakening, and Enigma's injuries prevented teleportation. Enigma implored Infiniti to use her superhuman powers to help them escape, but her efforts also provoked a confrontation with G.A.T.E.'s technologically sophisticated and heavily armed security forces. While Infiniti made short work of them and flew her benefactor to safety, Enigma sustained further injuries in the melee.

Infiniti transported Enigma into outer space, demanding answers. She had dim memories of a past life involving Enigma that ended in her death, but few other specifics were accessible. Enigma offered little additional information before its computer was back online, allowing "him" to disappear, leaving Infiniti to her own devices.

Meanwhile, crusading U.S. Senator Edward Rife was targeted for death by the corrupt former C.I.A. Director Jedemiah Hagstrom, who had the resources of an unidentified but well financed terrorist group at his disposal. The costumed mercenary Ripcord was hired for the assassination attempt, which drew the attention of Infiniti. In the ensuing battle, Infiniti dropped part of a building atop the assassin. While his severed right arm was found, Ripcord appeared to escape through a hole in the floor. Impressed by her abilities and noble motivation, Senator Rife proposed that they continue working together for the greater good.

Height: Tall
Build: Athletic
Eyes: White (without visible pupil or iris)
Hair: Red
Strength level: Unknown. Infiniti has engaged armored humanoid mechs in hand-to-hand combat, but it is unclear whether this was an act of pure physical might, or an invisible application of her energy powers.
Known superhuman powers: Infiniti's primary powers are related to energy manipulation. She can generated energy blasts of searing intensity that can melt metal, as well as create energy constructs like a force field around her immediate area. Her power of flight is exceptional, purportedly carrying her halfway to Earth's moon at one point. Infiniti is also possessed of enhanced strength and durability. The furthest extent of these abilities are unknown.
Notes: Infiniti technically debuted in ShadowHawk #2 (1992) because the first chapter of her story was delayed until the following week. The other two chapters were in Supreme #1-2 (1992).
© & ™ 1993 Eric Stephenson & Richard Horie

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