Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Spawnometer 0:0:1:8: PITT 3- In The Blood (1995-1997)

Spawn #18 &
Pitt #½, 9-14 & In The Blood

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Spawn #18

by Grant Morrison & Greg Capullo with Art Thibert & Dan Panosian

"Reflections" Part 3
Dedicated To: Dick Ayers
'You gotta watch out for your buddies.' That was the rule.

You think you can hurt me -- Heaven's soldier?

Wanda. I saved it for you.

PITT #9-14 (1995-1997)

by Dale Keown (with Steve Gerber & various)


by Richard Pace

High above the world, in the silence of space, the being known as Jereb, Child of Future Light, bade farewell to the Creed hybrid whose body and mind he shared for so long.

Over twenty-six ground-based armor units and twenty air combat units are being prepped as we speak. We're modifying forty battlesuits for our ground troops. The alpha and beta class psychics' battle gear is also being upgraded... After this battle, there may no longer be a Connecticut.

Ever since you showed up, my whole life sucks!

What kinda school is an electoral college, Grandpa?

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