Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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Spawn #2 & Spawning Ground

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Spawn #2 by Todd McFarlane

"Questions," Part 2
Dedicated To: Steve Ditko

My wife. I've got to find her... Let her know I'm back, I'm alive.

It breaks my heart to report another couple of mafia killings. It looks like our boy the "heart surgeon" is at it again.

Spawning Ground

Hosts Diabolu Frank & Mister Fixit devote the rest of the episode to covering your welcome comments, which given the involvement of both, means an enormous amount of unforeseeable tangents and lengthy exploration of same. The primary theme is comics studios that owed much of their existence to the rise of Image, including the Malibu Ultraverse, Milestone Media, and Axis Comics. The talk also serves as a prelude to upcoming subjects of the show, especially Wildstorm and Extreme Studios.

Image is Everything

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Spawning Ground