Monday, October 16, 2017

Spawnometer 0:0:0:5: Youngblood

Spawn #5 & Youngblood (1992)

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Spawn #5 by Todd McFarlane

Dedicated To: Will Eisner
You are cured, Billy Kinkaid.

Multiple bodies. All kids. All so mutilated we never did get a final body count.

No more.

Youngblood #1-5 (1992) & Hardcover (2008)

by Rob Liefeld with Joe Casey & Co.

Dedicated To: Jack "The King" Kirby & Joe Shuster
Kussein's Terror Ends in Suicide

Let's go, Berzerkers! Turn it up! We've got to reach Kirby in time!

His name is Prophet.

Damn, stupid ninjas!

This is the planet D'khay. I am Darkthornn, it's ruler. Your trespass here is not welcome!

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